Modular kitchens: A combination of utility and style

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A modular kitchen is an outcome that makes everyday kitchen chores easy and sensible with its functionality and durability. Modular kitchen is a newly coined phrase used for a unique kitchen layout that comprises modular unit panels, made up of numerous related structures, which hold suitable appliances inside.

Digital technology and the great utility of synthetic wood have facilitated the making of smart modular kitchens. The modules conveniently compile, carefully dismantled, and easily transported. You elsewhere accordingly.

Along with the essential appliances, the space-saving storage utilities with light, ventilation, and ample floor area are the crucial characteristics of a new-age Modular kitchen.

Benefits of a modular kitchen

  • The high storage capacity is the most crucial feature of a modular kitchen.
  • The best modular kitchen provides increased functionality within a small space. An average square feet area of a kitchen is approximately between 50-100sqft, and it isn’t easy to make this space highly useful and functional. But a modular kitchen offers storage cabinets below and above, a column for your conventional cooking and baking equipment, along storage of small utensils.
  • While it comes to a Modular kitchen, you can choose per your ease and usability! You know precisely what stuff is needed for daily use and how to place them conveniently in your kitchen and use storage for keeping extra stocks that you use less frequently. A modular kitchen listens to your wishes.
  • You must have a high scope of customization in terms of modular kitchens. You must keep a special variety of drawers, shelves, and racks that can explain your requirements. You can specify the size of drawers and cabinets, the shape of steel holders, and the handles you need for your very own kitchen.
  • A modular kitchen provides a more systematic and sorted look to your entire home.

Choosing the right manufacturers

A modular kitchen undoubtedly has many benefits, but selecting the right one is a problematic task as you have to analyze some important factors according to your area and budget conditions. You have to select the right company to customize the kitchen according to your need and ensure that the materials used are waterproof and reviewed by experts. After the manufacturing, the custom-made modular kitchen units are shipped to the customers’ presumptions, where experts assemble them. It should be hassle-free furnishing.

Difference between a carpenter-made kitchen and a modular kitchen

The question often arises as to why you must choose a modular kitchen and why not a carpenter-based kitchen.

  • Well, the first and foremost is the quality. Quality matters a lot. Make sure that the kitchen outside should be as strong as it should be inside. The bright and, any company can offer a dazzling look, but the durability is the main factor. Similarly, quality is assured by all the modular kitchen designing departments since they are factory-made products.
  • Then comes the size of the kitchen. It is one of the key factors that specify the expense of the modular kitchen. These kitchens comprise various modules that have the flexibility to form L-shaped, parallel and U-shaped kitchens. So the larger the kitchen, the price is more enhanced.

Kitchen appliances are crucial parts of Modular kitchens

Kitchen appliances also play a crucial role in improving the kitchen to function efficiently. So before buying any kitchen, make sure to check out these crucial points.

  • Kitchen appliances are available in numerous options with a wide cost range, but the built-in kitchen equipment is more expensive than freestanding kitchen appliances.
  • The kitchen accessories contain items such as microwaves, cook-tops, and ovens. Make sure that the visual appearance of the kitchen appliances complements the overall design of the kitchen.

Modular kitchen price

The price of a modular kitchen depends on the size, layout, material used, accessories selected, and hardware specified for the kitchen.

  • A market survey is necessary, including the comparisons between the companies, their offered models, and prices. Until and unless you can verify the actual prices, you cannot determine the budget of modular kitchens. Online shopping is quite economical, but one should inquire enough about the seller’s genuineness and reliability before buying.
  • Needs to find out the floor area, the ceiling, and the wall interlink with each other to determine the modular kitchen price. Kitchen usage is also a crucial factor. A homemaker who stays a significant portion of her daily life in the kitchen and a woman who often throws parties must have more facilities than a neat and two members family.
  • You can opt for the built-in editions than purchasing the appliances separately. The inbuilt system is stylish, easy to use, and space-saving. But they are costly.
  • Cabinet interiors and exteriors both would influence the modular kitchen price. It is reasonable to review the ranges and assess the heat and humidity endurance of the modules.
  • Attractive counters and Backslashes have impacts on modular kitchen prices.


The modular kitchen company of Ahmedabad is renowned and recognized for its excellent services.

  • Whatever the size of your kitchen is, we design it keeping in mind your requirements and preferences.
  • We use the highest quality materials for kitchens. These encompass Boiling Water Resistant Marine Plywood and MDF, premium laminates, lacquers, and high-quality ceramics.
  • Our accessories combine beauty with functionality while offering you a large variety of baskets, cabinet accessories, wall units, trolleys, freestanding units for all types of storage requirements.
  • We deliver the best hardware for your kitchen.
  • We offer a wide range of cooking appliances to suit your every need.

Statistic & Figures

The rising market in India for modular kitchens

The rising of the middle-class population, the emergence of different brands, and globalization increased the Indian modular kitchen market.

It grew to $206 million in 2018. And experts expect that growth will expand at a CAGR of over 27% during 2019-2024. And will surpass $862 million by 2024. Source

Focus on the Industry Insights Internationally

Due to the fast growth of the construction business and the increasing demand for efficient space-saving, the global kitchen decor market is also expected to grow. In this figure ( no 1), it is shown that the value of the global modular kitchen size was US$19.26 billion in 2018. You can see here all the related items like floor cabinets, wall cabinets, and tall storage’s are increasing gradually from 2015 to 2025 ( Predicted data). Source

USmodularkitchen-Coronet Kitchens

It is expected that by 2027 the market of the modular kitchen design industry will reach the estimated valuation of $32.03 million. The growth rate for the period 2020 to 2027 is 5.95%. New opportunities come when increasing demand for compact storage areas within small kitchen space arises.

Globalmodularkitchen - Om Landmark School

This Related figure shows the market shares of various designs ( L, U, Parallel, straight, Island) and shapes of the kitchen.


The modular kitchen consists of multiple modules, which you can easily dismantle and organize as per your requirement.

It is easy to construct as per need and can arrange with flexibility, so it is called modular.

A modular kitchen is assembled on the customer’s site, but carpenters convert the area into a workshop and fix everything manually in the case of a carpenter kitchen.

When wooden chips are compressed with the help of different types of additives at a specific temperature, it is called particleboard.

In India, we generally use E1 P2 grade (German brand)

Because the pulp used in the E1 P2 grade particleboard isn’t available in India.

We use 0.8 mm laminates from a good brand.

Modular kitchens are the needs of the hour. Gone are the days of clumsy and unorganized kitchens. The new age prefers systematic kitchen arrangements with elegance.

As Coronet, arrange your kitchen with contemporary design and elegant style. Modular kitchens make your kitchen organized and show your taste.