How a modular kitchen helps in combining systematic arrangements?

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According to our Shastras kitchen is an essential place for a house. It is not only the space meant for cooking but the residing place of Devi Annapurna and denotes Samriddhi and Laxmi -Kripa. So it should always be well-lit, neat, and clean. Similarly, the utensils and equipment should also be well managed and well-conditioned to please the Goddes of wealth. So it is an approved fact that cleanliness and heavenliness go hand in hand.

A modular kitchen is a new-age solution to every problem related to a kitchen. A modular kitchen is composed of several modules or units. It comprises cabinets with chosen and suitable units of regular size. A modular kitchen is nothing but a combination of several wall units and base units. Modular kitchens are constructed to maximize the utility of space, especially when a small kitchen is concerned. Each unit comprises several elements and modular kitchen accessories to help a person in placing things conveniently and keeping her kitchen organized, neat, and clean. These units can be effortlessly dismantled and can be shifted anywhere if necessary.

Modular kitchen designers are recruited to design customized modular units that can suit a particular space. You can build kitchens in a straight line or be L-shaped, or a similar layout, with a passage in between, is used accordingly.

Benefits of a modular kitchen

  • The high storage capacity is the most vital aspect of a modular kitchen.
  • A modular kitchen renders high functionality within a small space. A modular kitchen offers storage cabinets below and above, a column for your conventional cooking and baking equipment, along storage of small utensils.
  • When it comes to a Modular kitchen, one can choose according to the house owner’s comfort and wish! The user knows precisely what stuff is needed for daily use and how to place them and use storage for keeping extra stocks.
  • The high scope of customization is the promise of a modular kitchen. One can specify the size of drawers and cabinets, the shape of steel holders, racks, shelves, and handles she precisely needs for her very own kitchen.
  • A modular kitchen offers a systematic and sorted look to a modern home.
  • One has innumerable design and color options to choose from huge offerings.

A) Options of shape- U Shaped Kitchen, L Shape Kitchen, Parallel Kitchen, Island Kitchen, Straight Kitchen
B) Choices for finishes- Acrylics, high gloss laminates, matte finish laminates, Lacquered glass.
C) Pick of color theme- Bright colors, muted tones, single color, printed patterns, textured laminates.

  • They are undoubtedly more hygienic and thus far better than traditional kitchens. Cleaning a modular kitchen is less hazardous.
  • You can effortlessly separate modular units can form a modular kitchen. So, if a specific unit needs repair, it can be done quickly.
  • A modular kitchen is made up of durable and standard materials and bears a warranty.

The modular kitchen comprises of

  • You can design the base unit to hold the hob, which is the cook-top.
  • Place the wall units on the kitchen wall at a certain height.
  • Worktop, which is the working place especially for chopping, grinding, mixing, and preparing food.

The components of modular kitchens are:

  • A Chimney, a kitchen sink, a hob, a dishwasher.
  • Kitchen shelves and accessories made from numerous materials such as stainless steel or strong glass or wire.
  • Baskets of several types like a plain basket, saucer basket, cup, utensils basket, vegetable basket plate basket, the cup and saucer basket, and the cutlery basket. These buskets are generally made up of wire or stainless steel.
  • Huge units like pantry units which use in professional areas like hotels and restaurants.
  • Kitchen Holders like round bin holders, napkin and foil holders, wine glass holders, and spoon holders to keep the kitchen accessories within easy reach.
  • Pull-out shelves to ensure a manageable reach and keep the kitchen clutter-free
  • Tall units with multiple shelves that can be customized according to one’s preferences.
  • Modular Kitchen trolleys, which are durable and large to hold big containers.
  • Kitchen Carousels are usually placed in the corner to utilize every inch of the kitchen appropriately.
  • Kitchen Racks to store utensils in various shapes and sizes to suit every type of kitchens.

Modular kitchen market worldwide valued at USD 19.26 billion in 2018. The high demand for efficient usage of small spaces and storage facilities can be considered a factor in stimulating the market.

In 2018, Europe led the market and occupied more than 30% of the global revenue share. U.K., Italy, Germany, Poland, and France are the well-known and potential markets. Asia Pacific is expected to obtain the fastest CAGR of more than 10% from 2019 to 2025. Speedy urbanization, the impact of globalization and the fast growth of the construction industry, the rapid rising of the middle-class in countries including India, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia can prompt modular kitchens.

In India, the modular kitchen market grew to $206 million in 2018, and the experts predict the growth will expand at a CAGR of over 27% during 2019-2024 and surpass $862 million by 2024.

Numerous technical innovations are proven to be essential in attracting customers worldwide. In 2018, L-shaped kitchens were more prevalent in general as this design is suitable for kitchens with relatively minimal space. The majority of the married people worldwide opted for modular kitchens. The primary customers are from the age bracket of 35 and 44 years. The demand for European-style kitchen properties is rising gradually because of subtle color combinations and clutter-free arrangements.

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A kitchen comprising of various modules or cabinets is called a modular kitchen.

It is built with flexible arrangements and can be compiled or dismantled easily, and without causing any harm, it is called modular.

Marine ply is a water-resistant ply. Two types of marine ply are available, BWR (boiling water resistant) and BWP (boiling waterproof).

In the case of cabinets cleaning should be done with dampen cloth by using Colin etc. But washing with the water is strictly prohibited.

The external arrangement and shutters may be MDF, ply-laminated with veneer membrane, or acrylic or wood. External structures can be of several types of finishes. But the internal structure is usually prepared with MDF or plywood. Counter-tops are generally made of granite, tiles, wood, or cement. Handles and other accessories are typically made from stainless steel.