Modular Kitchen Design using Hafele Kitchen Corner Solution

Hafele Kitchen

Modern modular kitchen requirements have evolved in the recent years where the design standards and usability are equally important as the functionality. This requires constant application of design thinking to ensure ease of use for the customers. As a result of constant efforts from our studio partner Hafele, we’re now presenting modern day plug-and-play corner solution – Qanto.

Its critically important to have easy access of the stored items in Kitchen which could range from Appliances to spices. A simple touch of a button is all it takes to move the Qanto trays up and down. You can leverage wooden board or a “little urban garden” to design Top Tray. The bottom tray offers further organisational space and storage for electrical appliances, perhaps, wine or for spices. The trays comes with high-quality easy to clean ABS with a polished crystal glass finish. The LED light fixtures integrated beneath the tray gets illuminated as soon as trays come out.

Qanto maximizes the corner space which always remained under utilized and difficult to clean. This makes Qanto a clear winner in the intelligent corner space category. It combines combines easy of use, elegant work surfaces, great storage space, ergonomic design with the highest technical standards. The integrated LED lighting system gets turned on as soon as the trays are raised and automatically switches off when the trays are lowered.

Moreover, this smart mechanism has safety at its core – it stops moving as soon as it detects an object, such as a hand or a plate, getting in its way.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Qanto – we can just plug it in and it’s ready !!!

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